Born in 1970 and grew up in Mason City, IL. It's a little town 20 miles West of Lincoln on route 10. I like to scrapbook, draw, and decorate. I enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hanging out with friends, and playing horseshoes (HE HE)!!!

He is my big teddybear. He was born in 1974 (robbing the craddle... hahaha), and from a small town just North of St. Louis called Grafton, IL. He likes to play his computer games till wee hours of the morning (HE HE). John also enjoys the same outdoor activities as me and enjoys watching and participating in ALL sports.... even the ones he may not be so good at..(i.e. golf).

We met through a friend.... sort of.......John worked with my best friend Laura and saw a picture of me on her desk. He asked who the hot chic was and Laura told him lies. She told him that I liked sports...WRONG!!!! She did however tell him some truths about me, such as enjoying camping, outdoors and how wonderful I am. :) Laura was supposed to arrange a meeting, like a happy hour, but never got around to it. I just so happen to be moving into an apratment on Regency and Laura was helping me. We were out in the parking lot talking and saw this buff dude. Laura says "Damn, who's that hot buff guy? Wow, you get to live next to that!!" Then the next day at work John went up to Luara and asked her if she was at the apartments on Regency last night. She said yes, as her face turned bright red. "Oh my god that was you?" Laura said. John smiled and said "yep". Laura then proceded to say she was going to set up a meeting but once again never got around to it. So after about a week a delivery boy came over to my apartment @8:45pm with a beta fish plant. His name was John.....and buff he was. And of course when he arrived I had just gotten ready for bed, so I had my boxers, tee shirt on and hair in a clippy. NICE!!!! He must of liked me anyway.........cause the rest is history.

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