June 28, 2002

Well, we were camping...imagine that one...and he was being awful sweet that evening, as he usually does after a few beers. But he sometimes gets a little sappy without the beer, so I didn't think anything of it. He took me for a walk down by the river front and told me how much he appriciated me and all the things that I do for him. He was just getting ready to pop the question when all of our friends came running down screaming "We're going skinny dipping!!" John quickly said that he wanted to finish our talk and I didn't hesitate since the sappy talks don't happen very often. He took me to a special place from when we were there the previous summer. He told me how much he loved me and that he was glad that I was there for him, expecially through the hard times. I told him I will always be there. He said forever and I said of course I will. Then he got down on one knee....as best I could tell since it was pitch black out. He said "Will you marry me?" I started shaking and said, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I said this about 3 times and then finally said yes through the tears. I couldn't see the ring, maybe that's why I said are you serious, but he shinned the flash light on it and it was bling bling. I tried to find Laura but couldn't find her in the camp site, so we rushed back to the river front...where everyone was still skinny dipping and told everyone the great news. I needed a congrats hug but everyone was in the water so no one could hug me. Leave it up the Coop to come running out of the water buck naked and hug me......good thing it was dark out. Then we all partied and played cards to celebrate.


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